Bhopal Pride, a film ‘I Am’ screened at Dylogg Coworking

Under a two-day event of Bhopal Pride, a film ‘I Am’ was screened at Dylogg Coworking here on Saturday.

I Am is a 2011 Indian anthology film by Onir. It consists of four short films: ‘Omar’, ‘Afia’, ‘Abhimanyu’, and ‘Megha’. Each film shares the common theme of fear, and each film is based on real-life stories.

Abhimanyu is based on child abuse, Omar on gay rights, Megha is about Kashmiri Pandits and Afia deals with sperm donation.

Afia is about a single woman Afiaa (Nandita Das) decides to become a mother using a sperm donor. She is a web designer by profession. She had been pushing her husband Manav (Manav Kaul) for a child but Manav leaves her because he loves some other girl. She, then, decides to have a kid on her own, through a test tube baby. She, then, meets Suraj what happens follows the rest of the story.

Next movies is Megha. Almost 20 years after leaving Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandit Megha (Juhi Chawla) returns home on a business trip to find her childhood Muslim friend Rubina (Manisha Koirala) has suffered too. Megha is inspired by Sanjay Suri’s real life experiences in Kashmir.

Abhimanyu (Sanjay Suri), a successful director, is haunted by memories of sexual abuse as a child. He must deal with his dark memories even as he struggles with his sexual identity. Abhimanyu is based on the experiences of fashion designer Ganesh Nallari and gay rights activist Harish Iyer.

Next movie is Omar. Jai, from Bangalore, (Rahul Bose) meets Omar, a struggling actor in Mumbai, (Arjun Mathur). They flirt and have dinner together and then intimate at a public place. A policeman (Abhimanyu Singh) comes and manhandles them both and threatens Jai to turn him in under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and blackmails into giving 100,000 Rupees as bribe. Then, he realized that Omar was a part of setup to extort money from Jai. Omar is inspired by stories and research material provided by the online portal Gay Bombay.

Later, a discussion was also held on LGBTQ rights and on movie.

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