Ucommune Makes Fourth Acquisition In 2018 With Workingdom

Ucommune Makes Fourth Acquisition In 2018 With Workingdom

  • Chinese coworking brand Ucommune has acquired Workingdom, its fourth acquisition in 2018
  • The deal adds more than 11,000 sq metres (over 118,400 sq ft) of flexible workspace to Ucommune’s portfolio
  • Founded in 2016, coworking startup Workingdom is based in Shanghai

Ucommune is pleased to announce the acquisition of Workingdom for RMB$300 million, which is its fourth acquisition this year. Ucommune adds over 11,000 square metres of prime coworking space in the bustling commercial capital of Shanghai. This is another milestone in building the unassailable advantage of Ucommune’s global leadership in the coworking space.

Workingdom had established itself as the non-conventional provider of coworking space solutions in the competitive market of Shanghai within two years of its founding. Their founders are committed to breaking boundaries of traditional working space along with space for residential and consumption.

Workingdom also built an ecosystem around four distinct sectors of streamlined mass product creation, service platform integration, content production and resource consolidation. Workingdom introduced an Internet service platform as a one-stop shop to connect users with content and valuable business resources.

Ucommune extracted high level of synergies with the acquisition of Workingdom. The first synergy would be the location, as Ucommune already has 40,000 square meters of prime working space in Shanghai in 20 locations and at 95% occupancy rate. The acquisition provided additional space for both Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Multinational Companies (MNC) to expand their business operations under Ucommune.

Second, Workingdom’s Internet service platform enhances Ucommune’s rich expertise in overseeing cross regional, large-scale business exploration and diversified financial operation capabilities to help SME and MNC clients in scaling up. Post-acquisition, Ucommune would upgrade product lines, streamline operating procedures, and integrate resources across regions to offer outstanding products and services.

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Finally, the macro environment had seen significant shifts in the past 3 years. We have seen greater uncertainty in the economy and increasing competition for the coworking space with new entrants. Therefore, mergers and acquisitions are necessary for leading companies to maintain their competitive advantage and stay relevant to client requirements.

Ucommune would continue to acquire more coworking companies to grow its global footprint. Workingdom is the company’s fourth acquisition following Wedo, Woo Space and New Space. After this flood of major acquisitions, Ucommune is proud to announce that they have taken the lead in office hot spots such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan.

The acquisition of Wedo meant that Ucommune has ramped up its presence in Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong. Ucommune has 60 offices in Beijing. In Shenzhen alone, Ucommune has 20 offices with 30,000 hot desks in 250,000 square metres.

Ucommune is building up its market share in the coworking space and seeks RMB$11 billion valuation after Series C funding.

Ucommune established itself as a coworking space leader and integrated service solution provider within just three years of establishment. Ucommune opened its first office in Singapore within two months of its presence in April 2018 at JTC LaunchPad @ OneNorth. Soon after, Ucommune soft-opened its second office in Suntec Tower 2 in March 2018, which tripled its workstations from 118 to 418 across 20,689 square feet.

Ucommune has grown to cover over 160 locations in over 36 cities globally, including but not limited to Singapore, New York, Beijing, Taipei, Hongkong, and Shanghai, servicing over 7,000 enterprises and 120,000 individual members in total.

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