Why has Coworking SA appointed a Brutal Pixie as its Roving Writer?

On Friday 13 July 2018, the Coworking South Australia Association announced that Leticia Mooney, Queen Pixie at Brutal Pixie, has been appointed as the organisation’s “roving writer”. Her brief? To shine a light on the coworking spaces in the state, and the businesses that use them.

Imagine this. You’ve recently quite your job to go out and start freelancing, to take advantage of the gig economy. After six months of talking to your wall at home, and craving both other people and something new to look at, you go out hunting for a coworking space. You start on Google, and find yourself overwhelmed; but eventually you find Coworking SA’s website, which lists all of the spaces. The trouble is, there are 27 or more, and you still have no idea where to start. They all look awesome.

What are you to do?

Enter, Coworking SA’s roving writer, Leticia Mooney. She is super excited.

‘I’m so excited,’ she laughed.

‘I’m excited for a couple of reasons. The first is that I’ve been coworking since 2013, at Majoran, which was the first coworking space in Adelaide. Since then, coworking has absolutely exploded, and I haven’t even been into most of the spaces myself. It’s an opportunity to get some real insight with fresh eyes, and to tell the world about it.’

So what is the brief, exactly?

Leticia will visit as many of the spaces as she can. She will write about that experience so that others know what the space is like. Is it good for meetings? Is transport handy? Is it noisy or quiet, busy or calm, full or empty? What kinds of businesses are there? Why might you choose this space if you were looking for a space?

She will also surface the stories in the space. Who works there? Why do they work there? What do they do, what’s their story?

While Coworking SA may not have said so, Leticia also sees her job as being that of a conduit.

‘It’s a great way to bring out the hidden elements of the coworking spaces, to be those fresh eyes,’ Leticia commented. ‘But, more than that, it’s a great opportunity to tell South Australia’s hidden entrepreneurial stories.

But the Pixie Queen has her own mission too. She wants to partner with media outlets to help tell our entrepreneurs’ stories

‘I’m sure you’d agree with me that it would be ideal to share the hidden innovations, the quiet entrepreneurial stories, with the greater world, right?’ she asked. ‘Given South Australia really is getting itself up to speed with the pace of change, is keen to position itself as the entrepreneurial, ideas capital, it makes sense to work together to give these stories a bigger audience. That’s why I want to talk to media outlets who are supporting entrepreneurialism. If we can collectively give these businesses a voice, that gives the project even more power.’

Why is Leticia the best person for this?

The Pixie Queen is not only a not a stranger to coworking, she’s also not a stranger to the startup community. Brutal Pixie is one of her most successful businesses; her first was an indie publishing house that assisted authors to self-publish; her second was the online music magazine Metal as Fuck, which she sold to Radar Media in 2010; her fourth was the ill-fated Anyspace Global, which placed 2nd at Startup Weekend in 2015 and had a team that included stars of Adelaide’s startup community, including Sasha Dragovelic and Jenny Vandyke. She’s a past MC of SouthStart Conference, and has judged more than one round of the New Venture Institute’s Venture Dorm program. This deep connection with the startup community – and with business more generally – is what gives this Pixie real insight into what to look for while participating in, and writing about, the spaces that support our incredible business community.

More importantly, though, Leticia is first and foremost a writer. Her great love is participant observation – ethnography – the skills that turned her into a powerhouse as a music journalist, a field in which she has been considered a master.

It’s fair to say that Leticia writes a lot and always has done. Even though she is busy running and growing Brutal Pixie, she writes thought leadership for a range of outlets, she maintains her own blog [e]Xpositio, is launching a side project called Alternative Funerals for Alternative People (which is all about story!), is currently writing a screenplay that is provisionally titled Ultimatum, and so on.

Plus, she loves coworking.

‘When I walked into St Paul’s after I left Majoran, I felt like I’d come home,’ Leticia recalled. ‘And it was like that when I first walked into Majoran in 2013. That’s what it should feel like when you find the right space. That’s what I want to enable others to do: Find the place that grabs them by the heart and pulls them in. Really, it’s not so much about finding your space as it is about finding your tribe.’

Contact Leticia Mooney for interviews and comment, on 0421 925 382.


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