Explore Some of the Coolest Coworking Spots in Austin

By Adrienn Takacs

As more and more professional entrepreneurs and small business owners turn to coworking spaces instead of traditional offices, the Texas capital is working hard at keeping up with this trend. New coworking hubs keep popping up on every corner of Austin. In this new era when an enticing user experience is a must-have feature, coworking hubs need to offer much more than a simple desk and a proper internet connection. The competition is fierce, and therefore each center is set on providing something different for its guests, thus resulting in an ambitious and diverse coworking scene.

Check out 16 cool coworking spots in Austin and decide for yourself which you like best:

Atmosphere Coworking

Conveniently located in the heart of East Austin at 2400 East Cesar Chaves Street, the Atmosphere Coworking space is the ideal place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs. It is situated steps away from popular fast food eateries, budget-friendly restaurants, and trendy cafes where you can take some time off between two assignments and recharge your batteries.

The on-site parking, the well-furnished interior, the welcoming owner and the enviable location are just a few of the many perks of Atmosphere. The inviting environment made up of a colorful and well-stocked kitchen, modern industrial furniture, fantastic natural light and professional equipment readily available only adds to the hub’s appeal.

Capital Factory

If you’re in search of a central location where you can stop by and catch up on your work, then you’ll surely fall in love with this gorgeous coworking spot located at 701 Brazos Street. Everything you can imagine (and more!) will be merely an arm’s length away, from hip and trendy coffee shops to fine dining restaurants. When in search of some inspiration, simply stop by one of the many museums in the Capital Factory’s vicinity, such as The Contemporary Austin-Jones Center or the Museum of the Weird.

Once you’re ready to progress in your projects, you’ll probably find the interior of the coworking center quite inspiring, thanks to its amazing common area, fully-equipped kitchen, and comfy furniture. Boasting a fine mixture of experienced professionals working next to newbie freelancers, everyone is welcome at Capital Factory regardless of their profession or level of expertise.

Center for Social Innovation

For those looking not only for a desk to set up their laptop, but also a place where they can continuously get inspired and grow professionally, the Center for Social Innovation will not disappoint. Located just outside of East Austin, this hub aims at providing a more educational working space rather than merely an open office in which freelancers can gather.

They lease office suites where small businesses can house their teams and put their knowledge to work in optimal conditions. Featuring 10,000 square feet of office space, you’ll find the workspace of your dreams here, whether that’s a private studio or a shared desk in the quirky and beautifully-designed common lounge.


Located at 701 Tillery Street in East Austin, CreateScape welcomes its guests with complimentary parking spots right in front of the building. The interior of the coworking space is tastefully decorated in a minimalistic style, making sure you stay productive throughout your session. Budget-friendly day passes can be arranged upfront, so you can enjoy a fruitful workday from 9AM to 6PM on weekdays.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, make sure you schedule a quick tour beforehand, so you can get acquainted with all the amazing features of the coworking hub. Depending on the nature of the business and the number of employees, startups can book various types of rooms, which can host from 8 to 25 people.


Situated at 1700 South Lamar Boulevard, this coworking office can be found just south of Downtown Austin. It lies in the proximity of various eateries and coffee shops—ideal when you’re looking to grab a bite to eat. The coworking office boasts membership-based access, which can range from one-day passes to unlimited monthly admittance.

Instead of setting up a meeting with a client in a coffee shop, organize a professional get-together in one of four fully-equipped conference rooms fibercove has to offer. The simplistic design, the abundance of natural light and the readily available equipment is what makes this place beloved among those looking to work undisturbed.

Greenway Central

Located in a highly sought-after part of North Austin, at 1139 West Braker Lane, this coworking office is ideal for those not interested in making the long commute all the way to Downtown. It lies in the proximity of fast food restaurants and supermarkets—perfect for a busy day when you don’t have time for a three-course meal.

Despite looking modest at first glance, Greenway Central offers exquisite features, ranging from high quality projectors and flipcharts to the comfiest desk chairs you’ve ever sat in. Free parking, a complimentary Wi-Fi connection, free use of the kitchen utilities and air-conditioning are all included in the price.

Impact Hub Austin

If you’re looking for a hip and trendy place to impress a client or you simply want to treat yourself to a more-than-picture-perfect work desk, Impact Hub Austin is the place for you. At 5540 North Lamar Boulevard, you’ll be situated right next to a very diverse range of fast food stalls, from a taco place to a sushi restaurant, which will help you up your energy levels.

Every detail of the space’s interior is well thought out, and they combine to offer an inspiring and profitable place to work. Besides the general features of a regular coworking spot, Impact Hub Austin also provides accelerator programs and various events where you can mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs or even meet someone who might fund your business venture.

Link Coworking

Also located among a myriad of recharging stations (including a Starbucks and a few fine burger bars) is the Link Coworking hub. Its northern peripheral location makes it a favorite among those looking to skip daytime traffic by not going near Downtown Austin.

With three different membership plans, the coworking hub boasts options for everyone, regardless of their interests, their business profiles or their expertise. Whether you’re a novice freelance writer or a skilled small business owner leading a team of a dozen people, you’ll find the ideal membership to meet your demands. The common gathering lounges are fun places where you can learn from like-minded individuals, whilst the premium coffee service is complimentary for all members.

MELD Coworking

Those in search of a central location will probably enjoy the MELD Coworking offices, which can be found at 502 West 30th Street, right between a few excellent dining opportunities. One of the most beloved features of this shared office space are the regular events and seminars held with the goal to help out newbie solopreneurs, wannabe freelancers and small business owners still at the start of their journey.

For a fixed fee, the coworking hub offers three different membership profiles to meet the needs of both part-time and full-time workers. Punch cards, day passes, private offices along with access to the meeting rooms are also available to those interested.

Orange Coworking

If you’re from the southern periphery of the city and have no desire to join the hordes of commuters heading towards Downtown, then Orange Coworking is definitely the place for you. Boasting a wide variety of rooms and offices to suit every type of entrepreneur, this welcoming place at 2110 Slaughter Lane is set to impress.

The fully-stocked kitchen with delicious snacks, the comfy ergonomic chairs and the inspiring vibes of each room all aim at providing the best office experience for you to ease yourself into your workday. And let’s not forget about all the awesome growth-oriented events and workshops held here. Member birthdays are also celebrated, so if you want to meet people with similar backgrounds and have a little fun after the long workday, this is the place to be!

Soma Vida

Located at 2324 East Cesar Savez Street, just outside of Downtown Austin, Soma Vida is not your typical coworking spot. It advocates the importance of a healthy work-life balance, where not only your projects are important, but also your body and your state of mind. Thus, it combines the best of both worlds by offering an inspiring place where you can tackle your daily tasks, along with a separate wellness center, where you can relax and let go of your challenging day.

With over 10 years of experience, Soma Vida offers spacious and bright desks in a common lounge, cozy private offices for undisturbed work sessions, and generous conference rooms where you can make a lasting impression on your clients or co-workers. The frequent yoga and meditation classes, the motivating seminars covering numerous insightful topics and the fun birthday bashes are just a few of the many reasons why you should opt for this coworking space.

The Refinery

Located at the heart of Silicon Hills at 612 Brazos Street, The Refinery is your friendly central coworking office aimed at a niche crowd. Here you’ll have the best of the city at your doorstep, whether you fancy a well-deserved three-course dinner at a fine dining restaurant or a quick latte at your local Starbucks next door.

This place boasts an exquisite interior with meticulously thought-out details, providing a unique and delightful ambiance. The three different types of membership allow access to side hustlers and full-time solopreneurs alike. It also features a gorgeous photo studio which can be yours for the taking to pursue your style and photography visions. The Refinery hosts a wide variety of events, from corporate meet-ups to private venues in a picture-perfect setting.

Tech Ranch

Situated in the vicinity of the aforementioned Impact Hub Austin, Tech Ranch is located at 5540 North Lamar Boulevard. As its name suggests, it is mostly aimed at (but not limited to) tech enthusiasts who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of this sought-after profession.

More than a simple shared office space, Tech Ranch advertises itself as a hub where like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and local businesses come together to solve various local and global challenges. A great asset of this place is the multitude of useful events organized by the enthusiastic staff, from entrepreneur boot camps to networking get-togethers with businesspeople of similar backgrounds.

Vessel Coworking

Last but not least, Vessel Coworking lies in the northern part of the city and can be found at 500 East Saint John’s Avenue. With 10 different membership packages, you’ll surely find one that will suit all your professional needs, including your midnight working hours when your creativity level is at its peak.

The coworking hub offers open-concept lounges with generous desk space and comfortable chairs to all enthusiastic freelancers. Small businesses will find a fully-equipped private office in which they can work together. Those looking for some inspiration can join the numerous workshops and events held year-round for a deeper understanding of various aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.

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