A modern coworking space has been opened in the Otyrar Library in Shymkent

Libraries should become the modern centers for knowledge and focus of attraction for the young people. Their modernization will contribute to promotion of libraries. The government in Shymkent is actively working on its implementation. Recently, a modern co-working center opened as part of the regional ‘Otyrar’ comprehensive research library. It is provided with the latest equipment. Visitors can hold seminars, lectures and trainings on various topics in a special conference hall.


– A co-working center is a perfect place for the young entrepreneurs, especially for freelancers who are just starting their business and startupers, to have their own offices.

Meanwhile, the scientists in Shymkent are working on converting books into the electronic format. There are more than 380,000 textbooks in the ‘Otyrar’ library. The local IT-center based on training computer science teachers for the region, provides 3D modelling and robotics trainings for children. The young inventors are developing their skills in the center.


 – This is my first robot. This robot is a tank. It can overcome any obstacles. The second robot that I created is a smart robot.

In three years, the local instructors are planning to train and upgrade the skills of 120 specialists. The total of 20 similar centers and one thousand free IT classes will be opened in Kazakhstan.