ReSourceYYC a one-stop resource shop for entrepreneurs

Ron Bettin is co-founder of ReSourceYYC.

Ron Bettin: ReSourceYYC a one-stop resource shop for entrepreneurs
Ron Bettin

Calgary’s Business: Can you explain what ReSourceYYC is, its purpose and its history?

Bettin: ReSourceYYC is a unique and innovative coworking space for entrepreneurial professionals. We have created an environment that combines an inspirational workspace with access to world-class software and collaboration with industry peers and experts.

We support our members by organizing networking events, training sessions, software demos to ensure that being a member of ReSourceYYC is a positive experience.

ReSourceYYC was the brainchild of my co-founder Bill Scott and me. We are both entrepreneurs and have our own companies, Final Frontiers, and Fitneff, so we understand the needs and limitations of startup companies. Additionally, we both have experienced downsizing in previous companies that were directly tied to the oil and gas industry, so we can relate to the experience that industry professionals have had over the past few years of low oil prices.

With the need for affordable and flexible office space options, we had the opportunity to transform existing office space in the Beltline 2017. Within a year we had outgrown this space and were able to take this concept to the next level by moving into a larger Aspen Properties space in the Palliser One Building in downtown Calgary.

Understanding that a great space to work is more than just a nice building, we knew that it was important to create a positive and active community for the members. ReSourceYYC supports its members by organizing networking events, training sessions, software demos and ensuring that being a member of ReSourceYYC is a positive experience.

CB: Where are you located, in how much space and what amenities do you offer?

Bettin: ReSourceYYC has over 16,000 square feet of available space on the 20th Floor of Aspen Properties Palliser One Building at 125 9th Avenue SE.

This large and modern office in a central location allows us to offer many amenities for the ReSourceYYC members, including:

  • dedicated desks and offices for professionals, small companies, and startups who are looking to have an established office, without the hassles and overhead required to commit to a large space or long-term lease;
  • drop-in desk and office plans for out-of-town professionals or members on-the-go;
  • full-time receptionist to greet all your clients in a professional manner and be of assistance to the members of ReSourceYYC;
  • a robust cloud-based platform, ReSourceNET, that provides you with easy software access to major software providers;
  • our boardrooms have outstanding views and can accommodate two to 15 people; they are equipped with all A/V that you need to host a successful meeting, lunch and learn, seminar or event;
  • large event spaces that can accommodate up to 85 people; A/V is included with some event spaces, projectors are available upon request; our event spaces can be rented out on an hourly, daily or weekly basis;
  • a mail service for businesses and members with an address that gives your business professional credibility;
  • high-speed Internet throughout our entire office to ensure you can run your business smoothly; you also have access to the printer and plotter that are hosted in our large stationery room;
  • all our offices and desks are fully furnished with beautiful Gunner Furniture; these desks raise and lower from standing height to sitting height;
  • all work-space options include free coffee, tea, water and Wi-Fi.

CB: How many companies, and types of companies, are making a home there now?

Bettin: ReSourceYYC has 175 members with over 27 companies with desks and offices in our coworking space. These entrepreneurial professional companies include engineering and geoscience services, architecture and design, oil and gas startups, IT and software companies, project managers, communications, management consultants, energy efficiency consultants, data analytics, asset management, e-commerce and more.

This diverse mix of companies and professionals has resulted in a vibrant community that supports each other to help their companies grow. We find that companies benefit from easy access to other companies at ReSourceYYC that can support their growth. Also, the collision of ideas in the lunchroom and at networking events has led to some unique collaboration on innovative projects that would not have been possible without the incubation environment of a coworking space.

CB: How are you different from other coworking spaces in the city?

Bettin: ReSourceYYC is a one-stop shop for professionals to be successful and has quickly become a recognized talent hub of professionals in Calgary. We differentiate our space from any other coworking spaces by focusing on the requirements and resources of professionals. ReSourceYYC members are not looking for a coffee shop atmosphere, they are looking for private offices in a collaborative environment that allows them to be productive and focused.

With our variety of offices and meeting rooms, companies can be productive and professional without having to be isolated working from their home or in a remote office.

ReSourceYYC’s secret sauce is our ReSourceNET software platform. This cloud-based closed network includes full software versions that are available for use by individuals and companies with various accessibility options and rates. By partnering with major software providers including Microsoft Office, geoLOGIC, Energy Navigator, Entero, Golden Software Products, Seisware, Divestco and more, ReSourceYYC can offer access to an industry-leading software platform not available anywhere else.

CB: Why are we seeing such a growth in coworking space and do you expect that trend to continue?

Bettin: Coworking is becoming a common and preferred option for individuals and companies. There is a growing understanding that the benefits of coworking for small companies far outweigh the option of working from home or making commitments to buy or lease office space. For many entrepreneurs, coworking offers a structured space that allows them to more effective with the support of others who are in a similar situation.

For startup companies, managing time and cash-flow is the most important factor in their success. To focus on the priorities of their business, it’s unproductive to be worrying about making long-term commitments on office spaces and then spending time and money to hire a receptionist and purchasing furniture, printers, coffee machines, etc. A coworking space allows companies to stay focused on the priorities of their business and the flexibility to make changes as their company grows.

The growth in coworking spaces will be a trend that continues, but it will have its share of challenges in Calgary. As we know, there is no shortage of empty offices downturn in the oil and gas industry, but this does not easily translate into successful coworking space required by entrepreneurs.

Many co-working spaces are merely landlords trying to fill space in the short-term until they can get a long-term tenant; this may cause companies to become victims of the ‘good deals’ they think they are getting.

Other spaces don’t offer the support and community that a small company is looking for so they may as well be working from their home. In the long run, credible co-working spaces that are offering more than just office space will survive and thrive.

ReSourceYYC is a member of the Calgary Coworking Alliance, which is a group of locally-owned coworking spaces that are working together to meet the needs of this growing trend.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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