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Burlington’s evolving business profile will gain another amenity this winter, when Workbar opens up it’s Burlington location at 100 Summit Ave., at the former Hertz building.

Workbar is a company that provides office space for companies, private practice professionals, small business owners, and other parties who would be interested in utilizing the amenities of an office space without having to rent space full-time in a building. The practice, called coworking, has become popular in urban locations.

“We are excited to introduce coworking to Burlington and to bring a fun and productive place for companies of all sizes to grow. This location is going to be a flagship for Workbar as it incorporates both a coworking nerve center as well as a floor dedicated to enterprise office suites. Companies of all sizes–individuals, startups, small businesses and now large corporations–can all join our community and call Workbar home,” Workbar CEO Sarah Travers said in a press release.

The former Hertz location has been remolded to house Workbar on it’s first and third floors, and the 20,500-square-foot area will make the Burlington location one of the largest coworking spaces in the region. Senior Town Planner Josh Morris said that the Workbar model is attractive for small businesses and private practice professionals who only need space for a short period of time.

“It’s another amenity that Burlington can provide to business owners, in particular smaller businesses. If you only need office space for a short period of time, you can have that option. If you are a lawyer that only meets clients once or twice a week, you can rent out an office here,” Morris said. “It’s like Uber; some people don’t want to own a car all the time, but they still have that option to rent a ride. This is the same thing, but for people looking for office space.”

The first floor of the building will be dedicated to coworking space with professionals from various business fields working next to each other; and the third floor will be dedicated to larger, enterprise suites that will house groups from the same business.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve seen firsthand how dramatically coworking, as a segment of the real estate industry, has changed,” Workbar’s Head of Business Development Bobby Murphy said in a press release. “Our new enterprise office solutions will allow for larger companies and organizations to have the office setups and branding that they need to grow within our space. Workbar’s unique offering is long overdue in such a vibrant and technology-focused city as Burlington.”

The building will include special amenities that renters can access, including a fitness center and a cafe to purchase brekafast and lunch. Workbar is planning on opening the Burlington location this December.

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