After 28 years in one building, Cherry Creek coworking brand is on the move

Boardroom Workplaces is relocating to a new building at 501 S. Cherry St.
Photos: Boardroom Workplaces

Cherry Creek’s original coworking space is migrating for the first time in its history.

Boardroom Workplaces — which at 28 years old predates companies such as WeWork by two decades — plans to move at the end of September from 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive to 14,600-square-foot digs at 501 S. Cherry St., less than a mile away.

“The principle reason is that the current ownership at our existing location did not care to negotiate with us,” Boardroom owner Nathan Jansch said. “We wanted to find a location that was nearby to minimize the disruption to our existing clientele.”

Nathan Jansch, owner, Boardroom Workplaces.

Jansch said that Boardroom’s current landlord, Hamilton Titan Partners, didn’t make lease negotiations easy 10 years ago either.

“We didn’t have the chutzpah or wherewithal to move that time,” Jansch said, adding that the landlord was now proposing rates that were $2 or $3 above advertised rates in other parts of the building. “This time around, they didn’t seem to be any more interested in working with us.”

Boardroom Workplaces will be paying $27 per square foot, less than its current rent. Plus, the new office, on the 11th floor, comes with unimpeded mountain views. The new space will include 51 individual offices, plus drop-in seating for 20 people, a private phone booth and a business lounge.

Jansch’s parents, Charles and Carol, started Boardroom Workplaces in 1990 as a shared office workplace. Since then, the company has expanded twice in its current building.

Boardroom Workplaces currently provides shared offices and executive suites for approximately 250 members, Jansch said. Memberships range from $65 to $1,800 per month.

Jansch said Boardroom’s tenants include attorneys striking out on their own, financial advisors, insurance agents and real estate brokers.

“Our demographic does skew a little bit older,” Jansch said. “We’re not going to be the stereotypical millennial coding on their first startup.”

Cherry Creek is no stranger to Denver’s coworking craze, with Thrive Workplaces and Regus already operating locations in the neighborhood. Plus, a women-only coworking company from St. Louis has its eyes on Cherry Creek as well.

“There is a lot of competition, but we just have to stay true to providing exemplary service, which I think has been the bedrock of our success for over 28 years,” Jansch said.

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