Interview with Elaine Wong, Co-Founder of The Hatchery Place

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As co-founder of The Hatchery Place, Elaine Wong shares with us her plans for the concept and the cool activities they host, including yoga and monthly kombucha workshops!

The Hatchery Place is a cozy in-home coworking + coliving space with an unpretentious personal style that welcomes all conscious creative nomads as well as local location-independent creatives.

Founders Kevin and Elaine (both corporate quitters and growth-oriented creative souls) started The Hatchery Place in February 2016 at first to escape the cubicle world, but now the space has evolved into an inspiring little community where traveling creatives share and exchange their skills, cultures and experiences with the locals.

With the amazing help of volunteers, The Hatchery Place has become not just a working space. It is now a platform which meets the requirements of traveling creative professionals and art makers, and expands their opportunities. In a mixture of relaxed suburb home living atmosphere and concentrated working environment, we create room between work and privacy in which innovation and creativity of travelers can fostered, as they cowork together with the local neighborhood creativepreneurs here.

A cozy, fun, homey, and creative work space and heart-centered friendship incubator for our travelers, writers, bloggers, digital-nomads, crafters, poets, makers, musicians, artists, yogis, videographers, healers and anyone else interested in stretching the boundaries of themselves to include trusting strangers.

Kevin & Elaine run, work and sometimes live in the space. We also host small art & craft events, workshops, meetup nights, healing circles, food and drink tastings, talks, poetry nights and more here. Coliving guests can also host their own workshops or coaching sessions here, or participate in our events.

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Christine McDannell is the passionate Founder of Kindred Quarters, coliving housing for entrepreneurs with locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA.

She is a serial entrepreneur who has already owned, ran, and sold eight different companies in the past 15 years, the most recent being Eco Chateau Wellness Spa which she sold in November 2017.

Christine has been honored with numerous awards through the years for her passion, including the Small Business Administration 2009 Business Person of the Year. Also, one of her companies, Cleanology, made the list for Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies in 2010.

Aside from business, she is a car enthusiast, loves racing motorcycles at the track, running marathons, and traveling the world.

Christine has been featured nationally and locally on many news outlets, including Fox 5, The Oprah Magazine, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, San Diego Union Tribune, and The San Diego Living Show.

She splits her time between Los Angeles & San Diego, CA.

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