Hash House Crypto Cafe and Coworking Gathering Spot Created in China’s City Xi’an


Crypto Cafe and Coworking Space Hash House Created In Xi’an, China

A new place for crypto enthusiasts has just been launched in China. The place, called Hash House, is a crypto cafe and working space in the city of Xi’an, capital of the Shaanxi Province. It seems like a very interesting place if you want to hang out with other crypto aficionados, work, get to know the latest trends or just grab a coffee using BCH.

This new crypto-themed cafe has operated under the radar for about a month but it is now planning a great opening with a three-day festival called the Blockchain Carnival, which will be held in late August.

Inside the cafe, the owners have set up an exhibition that displays mining hardware with its history and has crypto-themed decoration, as well as a shop that sells merchandise related to cryptocurrencies like hardware wallets. Hash House also serves food and drinks that can be paid with Bitcoin Cash.

Hash House, A Place To Reunite The Community

The place was designed to be a crypto community center that could provide learning material for beginners completely for free like white papers of important companies and relevant books about crypto. Every week, it will also host seminars and meetups about different subjects to get the community always wired on the most important trends of the market.

It has space for professional development studios, a classroom, multiple meeting rooms and an exhibition area.

The founder of the company, Kirk Su, has told the media that, when he came back to China after graduating at the Indiana University, he noticed that actual adoption of cryptos is still very low in the country outside the main coastal cities. This cafe was created as a way to give back to the community the culture of Bitcoin because, according to him, people deserve to know more about cryptos.

Because of this, the main purpose of the Hash House is to introduce to new people the concepts that are more important in this market and technology and to educate them against the negative perceptions that they might have about this field, which is generally only reported by the media when scams happen, and he believes that there is a lot more than that.

Some of the topics that are going to teach to newcomers are the history of Bitcoin (with an emphasis on Bitcoin Cash, the “real Bitcoin, according to Kirk) and the utility of digital tokens.

The place has a very cool vibe and things that can only be bought with BCH, which was an initiative made with the objective of making the currency more used. It also has several activities that are made to promote Bitcoin Cash and to attract new people to the place.

It all seems to be working as the place was only open for about a month and it already had visitors from all over China that wanted to see it for themselves.

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