How to Expand Your Coworking Space Business

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Ramon Suarez (Founder of Betacowork and author of The Coworking Handbook) & Jaime Aranda (Founder of workINcompany) facilitated the “Managing success : How to grow when you reach the limits of your coworking space” workshop. The goal was to discuss best practices, challenges, advantages, and disadvantages of the different possibilities of growth to expand your coworking business.

Among those that shared their experience are : Liz Elam (Link Coworking), Ashley Proctor (Foundery), Benjamin Dyett (Grind), and Eric Van den Broek (La Mutinerie).

Unfortunately for you, the camera run out of juice after an hour, so you missed a solid extra 20 minutes of interesting feedback. If you cant to get the notes request them here:

Non comercial CC share-alike Ramon Suarez

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