“Zürich Blockchain Pitch and Networking Night” August meetup

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This recording is from 3rd “Zürich Blockchain Pitch and Networking Night” meetup which happened at Westhive Coworking.

The meetup started with a panel discussion, participating Ralf Glabischnig (Lakeside Partners, Crypto Valley Labs), Katka Letzing (Kickstart Accelerator), Chris Bargholz (Swiss Startup Factory), and Mikus Losans (Blockchain preAccelerator).

In the PitchBattle competed 9 startups:
Elrond https://elrond.network/
Wolrdfree https://www.worldfree.com/
Digipharm https://www.digipharm.io/
LoyaltyCoin https://www.loyaltycoin.ch/
Dezos https://dezos.io/
FileProof https://fileproof.org/
Leva https://leva.pe/
Bx.bet https://bx.bet/en/
Unitalent https://unitalent.io/

Digipharm won The Best Startup Award!

The meetup was sponsored by Blockvis https://www.blockvis.com/

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