Coworking spaces spring up like mushrooms in Slovakia

Every regional capital in Slovakia has a coworking space. Lately, they also started appearing in smaller towns.

Bratislava scores among top cities for freelancers in the world, an annual ranking showed again. Being a freelancer or a small entrepreneur who works only for own purposes is a dream of many people.

Also, some companies offer home-office as a benefit, some looking for workers who will work from home. The fields of work that most often offer the possibility of home-office are IT, telecommunications, marketing, advertisement and PR, according to data from web.

“The number of respondents who work from home has increased,” said Martin Menšík, marketing manager of the Profesia website for job searching, as quoted by The Slovak Spectator. However, he added that in the past the number grew faster than today.

Jitka Součková from the Grafton personnel company sees home-office as an important benefit that employers offer. However, working on one’s own may be hard on self-discipline, especially when working from home on a regular basis.

The bed is too close, the TV is on and dirty dishes in the sink? No colleagues around to chat or argue with? Same room for working, eating, relaxing? For those who feel they cannot handle it anymore, there could be a solution in the form of coworking spaces springing up like mushrooms in Slovakia.

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