Tony Bacigalupo & Ryan Chatterton talk coworking!

In this video I chat with Ryan Chatterton, a global coworking thought leader and founder of Coworking Insights, about global coworking trends, whether coworking is becoming more or less inclusive, coworking faux pas and best practices, and a whole bunch more. Ryan started his coworking life launching and running an Impact Hub location in Salt Lake City, UT. He then moved on to work with spaces in San Francisco, NYC, and eventually all over the world. Now he runs Coworking Insights and is the Marketing Director for Habu, a coworking management platform based in Bristol, UK. He’s one of the few people who has been a founder, manger, member, and service provider within the coworking industry, which gives him a unique and often controversial perspective on the industry.

We also talk a bunch about what I’ve been up to with New Work Cities and some of my top tips for coworking spaces in 2017.

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