Women’s CEO Alliance held ribbon cutting for soft opening.

DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- One business owner is launching Dothan’s first coworking space for women.

It’s called Women’s CEO Alliance and some local businesswomen are already raving about its success.

The goal is to grow small businesses and make dreams become a reality.

Founding Member and Business Owner Bernita Dale says,

“People always say what if it doesn’t work what if it does so always come in with a positive attitude.”

Founder Tianna Patrice started out with a vision and now her vision is impacting women in the Wiregrass.

Patrice believes Women’s CEO Alliance” located in Windmill Station in Dothan, is something entrepreneurs needed in order to spread their wings.

She says, “I feel like there are a lot of entrepreneurs that were hiding kind of staying at home maybe feeling like their ideas weren’t even worth birthing. So having a place where women can come in and be safe in an environment to grow confidently, spiritually and just really have an opportunity to network with other women.

That networking allows them to exchange ideas and use their talents to teach others.

Founding Member and Business Owner Tenisha Price said, “This is a melting pot of greatness it’s brought many avenues of different women from different venues of their own business so it’s basically a good collaboration us getting together and networking.”

For Bernita Dale, this sisterhood is exactly what she’s been looking for and it’s her safe place away from home.

“People say Dothan is so boring we don’t have anything that is not true we have plenty it’s better to support people who support you.”

One special addition is studio pink, which allows women to take private phone calls or do podcasts and Facebook live videos.

The space for the alliance is still under construction.

The official grand opening celebration will be on September 15.

If you’re interested in signing up visit the Women’s CEO Alliance’s Facebook page or their website.



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