A literal shelter for the creative community in Surabaya

As the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is a metropolitan city in its entirety. However, the glitz and glam of the entrepreneurship community have just now started to sink in for the people the city, far later than the hub in Jakarta or even the beach-friendly startup community in Bali.

Recently, one co-working space after another has emerged in the city and one of them, Satu Atap, was among the early adopters.

“There were five of us, and we saw the need of a place where people can just come to discuss things. Over time, we saw the place as a networking opportunity and a hub to learn about business from each other, in the community,” explained Suryo.

Satu Atap, which means “one roof” was started by Ahmed Tessario as the CEO, Nuryadi as the COO, Radityo Suryo -whom e27 spoke with- as the CMO, Bagus Mertha as the CFO, and Merdie Mahendra as the COO of the co-working’s F&B corner, food.st.

Speaking about startup scene in Surabaya and East Java to be specific, Suryo further highlighted that it is in a desperate need to have an upgrade. After receiving funding, they committed to make the place a safe haven for those struggling in the creative industry and startups, and if lucky, to be a place where they can meet their future investors.

This in part was a manifestation of their past struggle to fit in the city that favors multinational companies over startups.

At first, Suryo noted that familiarity is always an issue in the city. They had to start out by introducing what is co-working space and why people need it. The challenge quickly shifted when the beloved mayor of the city, Risma Tri Harini, decided to also provide the same facilities in the city for free.

“At least that also means that people have started to welcome the co-working space concept,” added Suryo.

One simple vision

As co-owners of a co-working space, these people has made the spirit of collaboration as the center of their gravity.

It is easy to get lost in the effort to make such a place overly commercial, but together they stick with their initial vision for the place: to become a place where startup owners can network with freedom.

“It’s a rewarding feeling to see people network, especially when they actually partnered up after joining an event we hosted,” said Suryo about the company which now has a total of 500 members.

If community and collaboration are two of its utmost strengths, then Satu Atap is really for everybody who has the drive to create something and meet people in its process.

Small-scale, big impacts

When asked, ‘what was the most successful event the place has had in the past,’ Suryo answered that it was the one event they held called Ngobrol Santai Surabaya Creative.

They managed to get 30 communities across the local creative scene to join and discuss, and you guessed it, network. The speakers were a local clothing store owner, senior photojournalist, and production studio owner, showcasing how diverse the creative community in the city where entrepreneurship blossoms.

Startups that have operated under its roofs included Investree and Oy Indonesia.

Room Tours

Main Area, where the fun discussion in a pack and lone ranger gather

In Satu Atap, visitors can use the Main Area Coworking Space. This area is filled with personal seats for individuals who are running their business solo or just need a place to work. In this area, people can freely use the pantry, the smoking room, the playing room, and get wifi access up to 15 mbps.

The smoking room area, side by side with Food Station

Upon booking, meeting rooms are available under the name “Meguru” and “Rembug”. Meguru is a large meeting room for a maximum of 30 people, while Rembug is a small capacity room for up to 10 people.

Meguru room, the option for private, big meeting

Or a classroom format presentation for other Meguru room option

In Meguru, people who rent it will get Flipchart, LCD projector, and wifi access up to 15 mbps for the facilities. In Rembug, the room is equipped with a whiteboard, smart TV, and the same wifi access.

Simple and straightforward in “Rembug” meeting room, which translates as “huddle”

Another one for Rembug room

Another part of the co-working space is the Food Station. The facility is in fashion, as Indonesian people are known to discuss things over a meal. For the sake of convenience, food and beverage are available under one roof in this place.


Outdoor space for an intimate gathering

One highlight of the co-working space is the outdoor area for events. The founders agree that having an intimate gathering or event under the sky has its charm, hence the space. Since it is spacious, they target communities to come and create a public event there. For hosting up to 50 people, they committed to always give special price for these communities.

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