The Ultimate Incubator and Coworking Space List


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How does an accelerator differ from an incubator? And what’s the difference with a coworking space?

– An INCUBATOR is a program for early-stage companies, that focuses on product development. Access normally requires a membership fee, but members are provided with office space, different resources, financial and managerial support. Incubators work on long-term conditions.

– An ACCELERATOR is a program that has fixed-term conditions and focuses on the development of operations and strategies. The access to accelerators is quite selective and the structure is fast-paced. These commonly provide office space, multiple resources and possibilities for seed investment. The private fund investing in the accelerator program can receive equity shares.

– A COWORKING SPACE gives small/growing companies the chance to choose among different shared office options. Only paying members can use the areas reserved and the services included. The conditions are really flexible and allow guests to save costs.


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