Independent workers share space, expenses in Blythewood CoWork Center –


Mike Arndt, CoWork Center client. Jeanne Reynolds photos.

Blythewood has hopped on the latest trend in the office space industry: coworking.

Coworking spaces provide independent workers a professional business setting on a pay-as-you-go basis. It’s the fastest-growing segment of the office space industry, according to the Blythewood Chamber of Commerce, which operates the CoWork Center at 428 McNulty Street in the town’s business district.

The CoWork Center offers stand-up/sit-down desks and sit-only desks, wi-fi, printer, conference room and kitchen access. Workers can sign up for an occasional day, a set number of days per month or a full month, without a long-term contract. The arrangement saves independent business people the time and trouble of finding and leasing their own office space.

Mike Arndt, owner of Digital Hearing Outlet based in Lexington, has used the center for the past six months and said it makes business sense for both him and his clients.

“I noticed a big increase in patients coming to Lexington from Blythewood because this area is under served for hearing loss services,” Arndt said. “With computer technology, I can do everything here that I can do at my main office. And my patients only have to drive a couple miles instead of 25.”

Arndt reserves the center’s conference room one day a week to conduct hearing evaluations and consult with patients on hearing devices. He said the practice has already been successful enough for him to consider a permanent office in Blythewood when his patient base is large enough.

The Blythewood CoWork Center joins a growing number of facilities and services for independent workers in the Midlands, including SOCO, Regus, Liquid Space and the Richland Library.



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