Entrepreneur Essentials Feat. Meredith Casey

Meredith Casey, COO of EPMG Advisors, sits down with Jeff Kikel this week for Entrepreneur Essentials. She tells us why her payment management company is the answer to the headaches of Merchant Services for small businesses.

“We are not Merchant Services, we are the answer to merchant services” says Meredith. Her and her husband, originally from Pennsylvania, have brought their passion for payment management services to the Austin, Texas business world. Meredith’s experience in banking combined with her husband’s career in Merchant Services and being a small business owner themselves, inspires their mission to make payment management easy to understand for business owners. EPMG Advisors strive to help teach business owners the proper set up for payment management systems that follow the wholesome principles their company was founded on.

Learn More: https://www.epmgadvisors.com/our-story
Meredith’s Book Recommendation: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Imagine-Business-Excellence-Disruptive-Age/dp/078949647X

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