Terc3r Piso Coworking Space | Guanajuato, Mexico | Travel Dev Vlog 128

Been busy working on my week-long project for coding school. Talked about dinner at Applebee’s with native speakers and learning Spanish with a free online course, Language Transfer. I came home later that evening for a dinner party with the housemates. The next day, I finally tried a new coworking space and loving it! It’s outdoor, comfortable, and spacious. The only thing was I wish I found it sooner.

00:01 School project, dinner at Applebee’s, learning Spanish online for free
04:42 Going back to the AirBnb for a dinner party
05:46 Talking about dinner party at the AirBnB
06:14 Hanging out at Terc3r Piso Coworking

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