Sozkhwani Episode 1 Meet The Artist

“Story Telling Reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it”

Meet Askari Naqvi, the story teller. Having been influenced by the world of story telling right from his childhood, Askari Naqvi grew up listening to stories that have been a part of his family tradition.
Today he is an eminent vocalist and story teller based in Lucknow.
Sozkhwani, Marsia Khwani and Nauhakhwani is what he has been performing in the various parts of India, as well as in other parts of countries. He has also shared the stage with well known artist Bani Abdi, in Berlin.

Among the many places that he has performed at, here are few- NSD, DU, JNU, Sanatkada, COnflictorium in Ahemdabad, University of Gottingen Germany, at Avallon in France, at Kinnernet Conference and at Annemasse.

Catch him Live on 15th September 2018 only at Spring House Coworking Lucknow.

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