meRIT Webinar: The Philosophy of Coworking 101


Coworking is a new movement that challenges everything about traditional work culture: how work is done, where work is done, and when work is done. On Thursday, August 9, we welcome three experts in the field of coworking and openworking—Chris Cooley, Billy Rue and Barry Strauber—to explore and understand what this revolution in working means for the future.

Chris Cooley and Billy Rue – Co-founders of Evelo Agency
Barry Strauber – Visiting lecturer, RIT’s School of Communication

– Coworking experts Chris Cooley and Billy Rue founded the Evelo Agency in 2018. The Evelo Agency caters to innovative organizations that are looking to make a transition to open work practices and produces measurable results that minimize the risk of implementing coworking and open work concepts. Chris Cooley Chief Innovation Officer For over 10 years, Chris has been a top voice and leader in the global coworking and open work industries. He has traveled the world and gained first-hand knowledge of many unique coworking models, and has co-created multiple, successful, sustainable coworking spaces. Chris uses his knack for innovation, background in human design and unique collaborative approach to identify your unique market opportunity while creating customized engagement techniques for your personnel and target demographics. Billy Rue Chief Executive Officer For nearly 30 years, Billy has maintained a passion for bringing new ideas to market, from concept to commercialization. He is an experienced business developer, a serial entrepreneur, and an influential leader with a proven track record of identifying market opportunities, starting-up and sustaining operations and achieving revenue growth. Tapping his instinctive market acuity and leveraging practical experiences, Billy combines both strategic thinking and operational expertise to advance organizational goals.

– Barry Strauber is a Visiting Lecturer in the School of Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he teaches various marketing courses. Barry is a thirty-year-plus veteran of the advertising industry, working for agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi, Della Femina and Draft FCB. In Rochester, N.Y., Barry worked at partners + napier for 12 years as vice president of agency / creative services. He is also founder and owner of Rising NY LLC, a branding and marketing agency in Rochester. RISING is a pioneer in the virtual network model for serving clients and has a national network of over 300 diverse specialists from which to cherry-pick a team solution just for you. The best possible talent that perfectly fits your needs. Barry is also a co-founder of Carlson Cowork, a 16,000-square-foot coworking space—an ecosystem for the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial spirit—also in Rochester.

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