How a Therapist Changed Austin Coworking


Getting a graduate degree in Psychology can leave a lot of therapists feeling like they have limited options for how to use their psychology degree. But, when you are passionate about humans, the way they relate, and how to help them live great lives, there are actually limitless options for how you can take that vision into the world.

Laura Shook Guzman is a somatic therapist in Austin, TX who took who her passion, education, and insight and infused it all to create a wellness coworking space that isn’t just about creative office space, but it is about a healthy, holistic life!

Austin Coworking: Bringing a Wellness Community in a Tech Space

It may seem strange on the surface. Austin is known for it is tech space, tech startups, and booming tech industry. Mana Austin coworking spaces are known for being modern, industrial, and open. So, developing a space where yoga, meditation, therapy, or massage fit just as easily as an Austin startup incubator is pretty unique. But, that is what therapists like Laura bring to the world in whatever industry they touch: A unique perspective and integration of the features that are focused on living a better life!

Therapists Know People

As a somatic therapist who integrates body and mind work, Laura knew that people need more than just a pretty and dynamic space. Many of the best ideas come in a space that is vibrant and inspiring, but that also integrates in balance and downtime. So, every coworking day pass includes access to the daily yoga classes, and discount on wellness services like massage, meditation classes, and more.

Therapists Think Deeply About Space

Building and maintaining a business is one of the most challenging experiences many people face. She integrated her knowledge of design and what helps people feel safe, comforted, and secure to work through their biggest life challenges into the entire design of the space. The space she created is modern and beautiful- but the focus isn’t just on looking stylish. The space is meant to provide a safety net to carry entrepreneurs through those difficult moments that often come with building and maintaining a successful business.

Therapists Build Community

Laura also knows how powerful relationships are in creating a sustainable business in Austin (and a balanced life). So, the focus is on creating and solidifying a dynamic community and having a space where people can build relationships within the on-site community, as well as have space and energy for social and interpersonal relationships.

You can learn more about Laura Shook Guzman and her Austin coworking space here.

We want to hear from you. How are you impacting your world beyond traditional psychotherapy? Share in the comments below how you are using your social work or psychology degree in an unexpected work professionally or personally!

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