4 Bimariyon Ne Banaya Mujhe Ek SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR | Dr. Ritesh Malik | Josh Talks (in Hindi)


How A doctor cured his 4 diseases and became a successful entrepreneur of a million dollar start-up? Check out this Josh Talk of Dr. Ritesh Malik, a doctor turned entrepreneur and founder of one of the largest co-working space in India, Innov8.

Malik is a trained doctor and was expected to take over his father’s hospital. Instead, he found his calling in business, perhaps the short-term marketing course he did at the London School of Economics was the influence. He started an angel fund, Project Guerrilla, which has funded about 43 startups including RHLvision, Wigzo, AddoDoc, Mashinga, and Flipmotion, among others. Malik wants Innov8—backed by Google India MD and angel investor Rajan Anandan, Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma, and U.S.-based startup accelerator Y-Combinator—to create beautiful office spaces in a country he believes has very uninspiring offices.

Ritesh also actively collaborates with the Government of India to help build college entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country to champion ‘Startup India Standup India’ in the nether regions.

In this Josh Talk in Hindi, Ritesh talks about 4 diseases that he thinks every Indian has. These 4 diseases helped him to learn and grow through life. Mentioning the characteristics of people through these four diseases, Ritesh tells us how he had to face all of them during his childhood. He tells us that if we can overcome these four diseases in our life then we all can be successful and become great leaders.

This Josh Talk in Hindi is a success story from which every Indian can learn a lot about building businesses and becoming an entrepreneur. People who want to start a business and learn about entrepreneurship should watch this Josh Talk to know how to start a business.

Innov8 co-working is one of those start-up stories that have changed the game of coworking incubation in India. How can a small business idea become a successful business? This question has been easily answered by one of the leading entrepreneurs of India, Dr. Ritesh Malik.

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