Hawaon Ka Rukh Badla || Story by Roopam Sharma || Manch The Stage


Hawaon Ka Rukh Badla ||

Story by Roopam Sharma

Manch The Stage : Open Mic 18.0 in collaboration with Cowork Delhi.

Venue Partner – Cowork Delhi, Mayur Vihar phase 1 Delhi.

“Manch – The Stage” open mic welcomes the artist inside you!

A stage is what an artist needs and at ‘Manch – The Stage ’ we give your inner artist a platform to express yourself through our open mic sessions. At Manch, we give you freedom to bring your creative talent on to the table.

If you are searching for open mics in Gurugram, Manch can be your best opportunity to have something what every artist needs, ‘A Start’.

We also create video of almost every performance in our open mic sessions and if you have interest in poetry, comedy, vocal, beatboxing, dance, musical instrumentals, Singing, storytelling, and more, “Manch – The stage” gives you an independent platform to perform in any language.

You can register yourself at “Manch – The Stage” open mic session by google link and join our community. Link are Given Below

Registration Form-https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdZ6AuDo4aV9RacF2tlryVRcmYXfPNNHSAmSIMGxshcl_FfA/viewform

You can also Follow Us on –
Facebook: www.fb.com/manchthestage
Instagram: www.intagram.com/manch_thestage
You can also join our Facebook group @manchthestagefamily and be a part of our family.

LInk to Original Video


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