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Professionals today need to be deliver results while being on the move for which business needs to move as quick, if not quicker. Coworking solutions/ managed office aim at enabling the xennials and millennials to work seamlessly from anywhere.
Conventional office spaces are passe. For today’s always on-the-go working generation, being efficient is imperative and the ability to put one’s business in motion with anyone, anywhere is the key to this efficiency.
The range of solutions in this product suite have been designed keeping in mind the needs of businesses – small or large. With work enrichment at the core of its essence, Coworking space Solutions empower one to be effective with the least possible unproductive loss of resources

Product Offerings
Customized Office
Private Cabins
Flexi Desks
Fixed desks
Mobility Solutions- Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Virtual Office
The Benefits of Shifting in a Managed Office Space!
1. No Setup Cost: Our office spaces are fully furnished and come with all infra facilities, so you don’t have to invest in future. In fact we can customise the space to suit your unique needs.

2. Less Setup Time: Due to readily available infrastructure, you can start working from day one.

3. Cost Effective: Cost per seat in our spaces is anywhere between 20%-30% cheaper than conventional Leasing.

4. Fully Serviced Offices: All spaces offer you the convenience of Shared Services such as Meeting Rooms, Fast Reliable Internet, Housekeeping, Pantry/Cafe, Security, Reception And many more, without any additional expense.

5. Easy Team Expansion: There are no restriction on increasing number of seats in our centre, unlike conventional leasing, where due to limited size of leased area, team expansion becomes difficult.

6. Added Flexibility in terms of Period : Shorter agreement tenure, Shorter Lock-in.

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