Top 5 tips for working in a new city


Working patterns are becoming more flexible across the world, driven by technological developments enabling people to work away from the office, and by the demands of a workforce increasingly calling for a better work-life balance.

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Many people now work in cities away from home, finding a need to remain productive while on the move or between meetings. Finding somewhere to work in a new city, though, can be difficult, whether you’re on a business trip, abroad for a time, or simply looking for new ways to be more productive away from the office.

1. Locating flexible working spaces: In order to supply the growing number of remote workers, a variety of flexible working spaces are springing up across most cities, from free, communal spaces like laptop-friendly cafes, to paid spaces with office services and meeting rooms.

Coworking directories make it easy for you to find a shared working space when you’re on the go, with services like Workfrom, Coworker, WorkSnug and Desks Near Me showing you the flexible working options worldwide. These often let you view the results on a map, read reviews and find different types of spaces and the costs to rent on demand. Meanwhile, companies like AndCo partner with local restaurants, bars and cafes which have an abundance of space in the working day, to provide a subscription-based flexible working service.

2. Using tech to support productivity on the go: Communications solutions have developed at pace over the last few decades, and there are a variety of instant messaging apps, from emails to video calling tools, that can maintain accessibility when you’re in a new city and looking to get work done.

Screen sharing using web conferencing platforms means all participants in a conference call can see files on their screens, while web-based file sharing solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box allow you to access key documents when working remotely and facilitates more efficient collaborative projects.

3. Navigating signal/WiFi issues: A high-speed internet connection is vital for flexible working – you won’t want to wait while documents download or hold a video conference without enough bandwidth. Check that the shared working space you’ve selected guarantees good WiFi, and consider investing in a mobile hotspot for those occasions that you’re unable to find a secure connection. A wireless headset can allow for hands- and cord-free communication, while battery boosters are useful to keep your smartphone and/or laptop charged.

4. Finding appropriate venues for meetings: You might be looking for a specific type of space and setting up in the nearest Starbucks may not cut it for a meeting or large conference call. Using coworking directories can help you find out more about the types of venues available across the city, while some restaurants and cafes offering flexible work spaces can be booked to ensure you have a place to meet.

5. Maintaining productivity across different time zones: With more companies than ever expanding into international business, the logistical challenge of linking up with colleagues across time zones presents itself. So as to maintain a productive working relationship across time zones, ensure you dedicate time to meeting new teams, even if that’s just online, so you and your colleagues create good communication structures and establish a strong rapport, which will make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Delegating responsibility is also an important aspect of maintain a productive relationship, since this shows you trust the other person’s experience and expertise, and encourages them to embrace a challenge, while also reducing your own workload.

Flexible working in a new city provides an exciting opportunity, but finding the right space in an unfamiliar place can be a challenge. However, being prepared and having the tools at your disposal to narrow down your options and select a space that suits your needs means you’ll be able to work productively on the go whenever you need.

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