7 Reasons You Should Consider Joining a Coworking Space


With more and more of the population working from home, there is a major demand for products and ideas to help improve productivity. Freelancers subscribe to software, classes, inspirational videos, and more in search of productivity serum. Coworking spaces are one of the most prevalent and effective trends for greater productivity.

A coworking space is any office space shared by multiple remote workers. Each worker has his/her own job and tasks, so you are not collaborating with others like you would in a typical office. Instead, you are sharing the cost of rent for an office space and getting away from the isolation of home.

Although there is a monthly rent cost associated with a coworking space, many people find that it is well worth the cost. Here are a few reasons that you might join a coworking space.

1. Increased Productivity

According to research from Business.com, nearly three-quarters of all freelancers and remote workers say they are more productive when they work in a coworking space. Furthermore, they are more likely to have a larger business and social network. This often leads to increased income and greater collaboration on products.

For those who are struggling to work through distractions at home, a coworking space may be exactly what you need. Simply stepping outside of the house is often enough to give workers the motivation and focus they need to succeed.

2. Daily Socialization

In the short-term, the isolation of working remotely is extremely useful. However, science shows that there are no long-term benefits from spending time away from civilization. Your creative processes, productivity levels, and happiness will increase when you work around other people.

Chatting with others is not the only perk of daily socialization. You also have great networking opportunities. As you take an interest in those around you, they will likely take an interest in you. The connections you make here can prove invaluable in furthering your career.

3. Habits of Self-Control

One of the best skills you wll develop from working from home is greater self-control. Because no one is directly monitoring every minute of your workday, you must be your own motivator.

Establishing such habits can be accomplished outside of a coworking space, but fewer distractions to impede your habit development will allow you to develop routine discipline.

4. Greater Job Control

Because you are sharing the rent equally with other workers, you will likely have a say in when you can access the office. Most offices are available 24/7, so you can work at odd times when you are feeling more productive. You can even split up your working time into several small chunks, running errands, hitting the gym, or meeting a friend for lunch in between.

You will also establish a routine that makes it easier to go to work and accomplish important tasks. You can easily set working hours for yourself so that you get more done.

5. A More Professional Image

Many freelancers work with clients often, and they are concerned that their home office will decrease their credibility. They want a commercial address to put on their business cards and a professional place to meet clients, whether online or in-person.

You can set up your personal space however you like so that it presents the image you are looking for. Just keep messy coworkers out of the picture when meeting clients!

6. Appropriate Work-Life Balance

The problem with working from home is the constant cross-over between your job and your personal life. When something negative happens at home—such as an argument with your partner, receiving bad news, or emotional wellness issues—it is significantly harder to shut off that portion of your brain so you can work.

A coworking space with others provides a distraction from your troubles. Walking out the front door for the day, chatting with your fellow coworkers, and working hard in a separate space allows you to find the elusive balance you seek.

7. Higher Job Satisfaction

As a general rule, people in coworking spaces tend to see their jobs as more meaningful. They often choose the work they like to do, and they are in an environment where they can do it without the distractions of home life.

Workplace competition can be good, but if you are in the middle of the pack, it is harder to see yourself as a high performer. In a coworking space, you do not have competition, but rather a community of people striving to be the best at their job. It is relatable, and it helps you find your own identity within the career you have chosen.

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