What is a Coworking space?

PropertyCrow.com tries to find out more about Coworking and about Coworking offices. We hope that this video about Coworking will help you understand more about this new age concept.
Coworking spaces or Coworking offices are the result of the space crunch problems in prime locations especially in CBDs (Central Business Districts) across all the big cities in the world.
An invention of the new age, co-working is a style of work that involves a shared workplace which is usually an office amongst absolute strangers in most cases. Each co-worker or co-working team is a different entity in itself making it a very unique environment.
A conventional office will have employees who work for the same company but coworking has multiple people working under the same roof but for different companies or probably just working for themselves.

Coworking is a raging phenomenon right now as it takes away many hassles like big rents, space wastage, maintenance, etc. Companies like Regus, WeWork, Awfis, etc. Have built a strong business model based on the co-working system and they are doing well.

Coworking space or Coworking office is apt for Freelancers, Independent Consultants, Small & Medium Enterprises, individual Professionals and even big corporate companies who want to streamline their work force and increase productivity.

Coworking also adds value in terms of fostering communities, increased learning, cross sharing of ideas and so on.

Facilities generally available at a CoWorking office?

1. Separate Workstation
2. 24X7 Office-Infrastructure Support
3. Key Service Providers
4. Knowledge sharing & collaboration
5. Networking
6. Internet
7. Conference Rooms
8. Photocopy/Print/Scan
9. Free or Discounted Access to events
10. Access to a mentor network
11. Wi-Fi
12. AC
13. Free Tea/Coffee
14. Mailing/Address Services
15. Reception Services
16. Startup Services
17. Lounge seating
18. Pods for distressing
19. Equipped Kitchen
20. Office Stationary

Some of are the CoWorking Spaces companies in India?

1. Co-Works
2. We-Work
3. 91 Springboard
4. Awfis
5. Regus (Part of IWG)
6. ISharespace
7. The Playce
8. The Hive
9. Innov8

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Coworking space Links :
1. https://www.cowrks.com/
2. https://www.wework.com/
3. http://www.91springboard.com/
4. https://www.awfis.com/
5. https://www.regus.co.in/
6. http://www.isharespace.com/
7. https://theplayce.in/
8. http://www.hiveworkspaces.com/
9. https://innov8.work/

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