From co-working space provider to eggetarian outlet; how these startups are making a mark


For startups, Indian market currently extends a platform which proffers immense opportunity to the budding entrepreneurs to undertake successful business ventures. Considering the exciting innovations happening in diverse sectors, it makes one of the best times to be part of such an ecosystem. Recently, an event was organised by New Delhi Social Workers Association (NDSWA) to felicitate such three first generation entrepreneurs who with their meaningful startups have made a mark for themselves in the society in a short span of time.

“There has been a marked difference between India a few years ago and now. India had always been the central hub of innovation and experience and the resurgence of first gen entrepreneurs in past few years, topped by Govt’s impetus in form of StartUp India and Make In India is bringing back those glorious times. Hence, we thought of providing this new age workforce a Next Gen office space with Indian ethos, hence Creator’s Gurukul,” Mohammed Sirajuddin co-founder of coworking space provider Creator’s Gurukul said.

“Globally the first connected hyper-local social networking ecosystem driven by IoT (Internet of Things) Blended with the urban landscape and lifestyle, our integrated network weaves & connects both online and offline lifestyle of the Hyper social demographic,” Gautam Bhirani, founder  and CEO, Tag Talk, expressed.

Mahavir Chauhan, founder, Eggsy, said ‘’I always wanted to do something In food & beverage industry, and then I came up with the idea of opening a food outlet dedicated entirely to eggetarians, firstly because India has a huge number of population that do not eat non-vegetarian food and prefer eating eggs secondly because I have mostly seen people selling Boiled eggs or egg omletes only on the roadside. That’s why we named it ‘Eggsy’ a place which is entirely dedicated to serve ‘Eggetarians’.”

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