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New city new video. Hello from Medellin! I am working from the Selina coworking space. I am currently traveling with Remote Year and working from 4 different cities in South and Central America. Video is something that I am working on within these 4 months. I am using what I know about photography and applying it to video.

I put together a short intro of starting my day. Fun fact: I already had 2 cups of coffee before I realized it would be a good shot to make a 3rd. Now, I might make a 4th. Plz send halp.

I’m doing some test shots with picture profiles and editing. Super huge shout out to Scott Jeschke for putting together great information for HLG3. The biggest help has been understanding the picture profile and understanding when/why/how to use it.

#Coworking #RemoteYear #SonyA7iii

What is Remote Year?
Remote Year is a professional community of people traveling the world. You bring your own job and join a network of people who are interested in exploring different cultures, countries and communities. I’m currently on Remote Year right now!

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What did I shoot this with?
Sony A7 iii –
Sony 24-70mm f/4 –
Sony 55mm f/1.8 –

LInk to Original Video


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