Inside the Assemblage, where coworking means wellness


What if your coworking space was a little more invested in your health–both mentally and physically? And what if you didn’t need to schlep to a yoga studio after work, but simply headed down to the 3rd floor for a session (complete with a meditation sound bath?) That’s the premise of the Assemblage, a unique coworking and co-living space that aims to meld your health and wellness needs into one central place.

[Photo: Zack DeZon for Fast Company]

There’s no alcohol or foosball tables at this fast-growing New York establishment. Instead, the 12-story luxury coworking space houses an Ayurvedic elixir bar, organic restaurant, daily meditation and yoga sessions, and plenty of succulents and crystals strewn throughout.

Even the events calendar is suited for those invested in their well-being; think less “networking” mixers and more full moon body circles.

[Photo: Zack DeZon for Fast Company]

The Assemblage features a wide range of members across multiple industries, with collaboration overhead at every desk you pass by. (The prices for its main services range from $495 per month for a desk up to $3,900 for an entire office.) You’ll certainly find entrepreneurs in the health industry, but you’ll also meet creatives, designers, architects, and startup founders who simply want to live better lives. And why not live well where you work?

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During the Fast Company Innovation Festival on Wednesday, attendees got to tour the premises and wind down with a candlelit meditation exercise. Take a look at the photos above.

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