A Guide to Keeping Healthy with a Sedentary Job


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Whether you work in an upbeat office space in Mayfair, remotely in Bali or quietly at your own desk at home, your health is still at risk if your job is deskbound. Considering you probably spend around half of your waking hours at work, it’s important to implement healthy practices. Though it’s common to assume office environments have few health hazards, your daily decisions will ultimately influence your quality of life. Many office jobs are stressful, and developing unhealthy habits creates a perpetuating cycle. These can take their toll both physically and mentally, while affecting productivity.

If you’re wondering how to stay healthy in the workspace, you’ve come to the right place. This article will outline healthy practices that will improve your working environment, and from an all-encompassing perspective, your life. We’ll also evaluate whether a coworking environment is healthier than a conventional office environment.


Clear the Air

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy office, especially considering occupational allergies can wreak havoc. Even if you don’t realize it, insufficient clear air can hamper your brainpower, where increased ventilation will improve your breathing, while enhancing performance. Freshen up your office by opening the windows, and you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.


Sit Less – Standing Desk?

Sitting at a desk all day is harmful, especially if you’re slouched in a chair for long periods. Prioritize spending time on your feet, whether you take semi-regular breaks to stretch your legs, or perhaps experiment with a standing desk. This will improve mobility, while helping you avoid neck and back pain.


Embrace Healthy Eating Habits

It’s common for workers to surrender to bad eating habits for comfort, especially when vending machines are readily available. Try to bring your own snacks and lunch into work, because you can more easily control your calorie intake, and give preference to healthy foods. It’s important to limit simple carbohydrates, and focus on eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. This will increase your vitality, helping you become a healthier, more productive worker.


Incorporate Greenery

Certain plants can improve the air quality in your office, but most will inspire wellness and creativity. They’re highly beneficial from a psychological perspective, providing you don’t cram too many in a small place, or introduce flowers with a strong scent. Adding a plant will bring elements of the great outdoors into your workspace, which is uplifting when it’s a nice day.


Keep Your Workspace Clean

A clean, organized workspace is of vital importance to physical and mental well-being. It makes sense to work in a fresh environment where you spend long hours. A clean environment improves air quality, and will give you a psychological boost which improves proficiency.


Improve Posture

Posture is important, especially when you’re sitting around for long periods. Focus on sitting up straight, which will benefit your back, but also offer a sense of accomplishment. Slumping in your chair pertains to laziness, and can contribute to back problems later in life. An ergonomic desk chair can correct your posture, so this is a great investment if you operate in a coworking environment.


Stay Hydrated

Water should be readily available at your desk, especially because dehydration is a leading contributor to fatigue. Bottled water is more appealing than tap water, so will encourage you to stay hydrated and boost energy levels. Often workspaces have water coolers, so take regular trips to stay hydrated and encourage movement.


Adjust Your Lighting

Get as much natural light as possible, which can influence your mood significantly, while helping you regulate your circadian rhythms. People who sit near windows usually sleep better and are more physically active than those who don’t, where exposing yourself to natural daylight helps manage stress.


Is a Coworking Environment Healthier?

Coworking involves shared office spaces, where you’re afforded the flexibility of working your own hours, at your own convenience. This makes the considerations outlined in this article easier to achieve, facilitating better health. Coworking brings a meaning to chaos, allowing you to put fitness first, escape the stress of a 9-5, and work to live rather than live to work. From a health perspective, coworking is advisable, especially since you’ll avoid the negative connotations associated with a conventional office environment.



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