BHIVE Launches Zero Brokerage Office Rental Technology Platform


BHIVE claims to operate more properties in Bangalore compared to its competitors like WeWork, Cowrks, 91Springboard, Innov8, etc.

BHIVE Workspace has announced zero brokerage technology-driven office rental platform. In the soft launch stage itself the new platform on-boarded 4 lakh sq ft of property in a combination of co-working spaces, furnished office and bare shell rental model in less than a month. Many existing smaller players in co-working space domain are signing up with BHIVE to convert their co-working space into BHIVE and let BHIVE manage the space. 

BHIVE is the largest co-working space player of Bangalore and was the first company to introduce professionally managed coworking space concept in Bangalore way back in 2014.

It is now leading the way in disrupting the office space leasing market in a very fundamental way. The way the office rental market has been working traditionally is very inefficient with both property owners and tenants bearing the price of the inefficiency. BHIVE collects detailed requirements from office space seekers and offers a customised solution to its customer through the array of properties that have been already on-boarded on to BHIVE Platform.

BHIVE claims to operate more properties in Bangalore compared to its competitors like WeWork, Cowrks, 91Springboard, Innov8, etc. With the platform model BHIVE is expanding rapidly and is going to increase the gap with other competitors significantly.

“We are excited to launch our new technology platform for renting office space. This is going to be a game changer in the leasing business and will bring in the much required efficiency to the market. This is going to cut down the time required for finding new office space and ensure that the tenants get great experience throughout the rental period. The platform will ensure landlords earn 20 to 30% more income through the lifetime of the property,” Shesh Paplikar, Founder and CEO of BHIVE Workspace.

BHIVE has expanded its offerings to bare shell and fully customised furnished office spaces.  Companies of all sizes can get their own branded offices at a zero brokerage. Properties are available across all location of Bangalore at all budget range. BHIVE also helps companies sublease their current office and move to a new larger or smaller office.

BHIVE takes responsibility of the tenant throughout the leasing period, from start to end. Entire process is made efficient from viewing, signing, moving in, day to day maintenance, administration and ultimately moving out and getting a settlement on deposit. Clients can now spend time building their business and leave all their office space problems to BHIVE, while saving time and money due to the efficiency that BHIVE brings in through its technology and processes.

Landlord community has always been the biggest supporters of BHIVE in Bangalore. BHIVE has strong expertise in managing independent properties end to end, handling multiple tenants, handling rental income generation process, ensuring landlord is able to fetch fair rent and maintain high level of occupancy. Over 90% of properties have been onboarded through landlord references and word of mouth due to the goodwill BHIVE has maintained with the landlord community of Bangalore.

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