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Private Office or more open plan there are so many different types of office to suit your company’s personality

days, there are so many different options available,” says Shane Duffy,
Founder of Click
, a global serviced office broker.

you’re a sole trader, you might be looking for a hot desk in a coworking space.
On the other hand, if the work your business does is highly confidential, you
might be in need of a private office. It all just depends on your individual
needs. That’s where we come in.”

Offices offer a search and support service for serviced offices. They help you
to find the right space in the right location, completely free of charge. They
are unaffiliated to any particular office provider, and will help you find the
right office for your business.

In a
market that’s growing rapidly, it’s a valuable service for their clients.
“We’ll give you a full overview of the market, bring you to view your
shortlisted properties, and negotiate the final deal for you,” says Duffy,
who has a decade of experience in the serviced office market.

But which
types of office space are on the market, and who are they best suited to? With
the help of Click Offices, we’ve given you a full rundown below.

Serviced offices

known as ‘managed offices’ or ‘flexible offices’, serviced offices are run by a
business centre operator.

They rent
out fully equipped, high-spec office space to other companies. Your monthly
payments include heat, electricity, cleaning, business rates and
maintenance. Some centres also include the price of broadband, phone line
rental, reception staff and the use of meeting rooms.

the overall monthly cost will be higher, increasingly businesses are choosing
serviced offices. Why? “Because it offers them the flexibility of a
short-term agreement, so they can scale up or down quickly,” Duffy says.

addition, they can usually move in straight away, with everything already set
up. It takes a lot of the hassle out of moving premises or setting up a
business. You’re not taking time out to organise utilities, refurbishments and
furniture when really what you need to be doing is focusing on your

Non-serviced offices

offices involve signing a long-term lease, usually for an average of five to
ten years. “While the stability of a non-serviced office agreement is
great, it’s just not a realistic option for many modern companies,” says
Duffy. “It means significant upfront costs which you just don’t have with
serviced offices. Plus you’re tied into the lease which means limited
flexibility in terms of physical growth.”

Coworking spaces

– a trend that’s on the rise – is when businesses share open-plan space and

serviced and non-serviced office providers now offer coworking options,”
says Duffy. “They’re great if you’re looking for networking opportunities
or just prefer not to work alone if you’re a freelancer. But private offices
continue to be popular too, particularly among SMEs and larger

Private offices

serviced and non-serviced office providers also continue to provide private
offices. “Private offices are the more traditional option, and are crucial
if your company deals with highly sensitive or confidential information,” Duffy
explains. “Plus some people prefer a quieter and less hectic environment, where
they’re only dealing with their own staff.”

Hot desks / Dedicated desks

simply having your own desk in a coworking space – rather than a whole office –
is the perfect option for many contractors. Hot desking is when you come in and
grab a desk wherever one’s available. Whereas with a dedicated desk, you are
guaranteed that same space every day. “Naturally enough, they’re more expensive
than hot desks, so it all just depends on what your needs and priorities are,”
says Duffy, “but we’re there to help you figure that out.”

To find
the right office for your business today, visit
the Click Offices website

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