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There’s an option now for entrepreneurs who don’t want to work from home. Or in a coffee shop. Or the library.

For anyone who just wants a desk to work at or a conference room to meet in, the Garage Cowork Space has what they need.

The Garage Cowork Space — located at 123 Lafayette St. — offers about 20 desks, two conference rooms with video conferencing capabilities, numerous whiteboard walls, phone booths for private conversation, and a space for much-needed coffee and snacks. The office space is celebrating its grand opening from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14, starting first with a 1 Million Cups event, followed by a day’s worth of presentations, meet-and-greet opportunities and the chance to get a free professional headshot photo.

“Winona’s got such an entrepreneur background, but it’s everywhere and unorganized,” owner Eric Mullen said. “This is meant to be a hub for entrepreneurs in Winona.”

Mullen and cowork space director Samantha Strand said that it can be hard to find support as an entrepreneur. To help with that, the cowork space plans to host workshops and mini-seminars geared toward new business owners.

Strand said it can also be difficult to find a focused place to work.

“When you work from home, you all the sudden find yourself doing the laundry,” Strand said with a laugh.

But at cowork space, people can just walk in the door, rent a desk for the day, week, month, or permanently, and get what they need to done. There’s packages or memberships, or the ability to pay on the day. For entrepreneurs who grab a permanent spot, it’ll also come with 24-hour access.

“Come in, tell me what you need,” Strand said.

Strand said the idea of a cowork space has been quickly catching on in other cities. In Minnesota, there’s similar spaces in Rochester, Red Wing and Austin.

“It’s popping up all over the United States,” Strand said, explaining that it has especially caught on with millennials who as a generation tend to prefer collaborative spaces.

Mullen said there’s many entrepreneurs in Winona. Their hope is to give them the space to make great things happen.

“This is the starting launch place for your new idea,” Strand said.

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