Suitably Sized — Why Shared Offices Are Perfect for Dynamic Team Sizes

The benefits of shared space for companies of all sizes

Shared office spaces have a number of functions in the current landscape. In addition to being a place where a lot of work can get done, it is a place where many business relationships develop. More importantly, the space is a great place for team building and for collaborating across industries.

Team building is one of the major perks of joining a coworking space … or any shared plan for that matter. One of the reasons for this is that such a floor design and office format provide businesses with more opportunity to choose the size and combination of these groups. Servcorp shared offices, for example, give tenants both workspace and space to collaborate, and if the group becomes large enough, tenants can access other suitable office space. The shared office space is great for teams of changing sizes for a few reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why shared office space is great for groups of all sizes.

Fluid Space

One of the reasons that shared space is great for collaboration among teams of all sizes is that the space is very versatile and flexible at the same time. Many offices are large enough to support spaces that have a few uses. In fact, larger coworking spaces have a few spaces within a larger room with various functions. Of course, there is the breakout area, but then there are also areas for collaboration and brainstorming.

Fluid space is adaptable and can fit the form and function of any group. Much of shared space is fluid in that it accommodates a number of activities. In line with many coworking spaces, these rooms, while appearing to be vast areas of useless space, can be used. More importantly, they can be used without disrupting the workflow of others in the space.


Like many flexible office types, the shared space has scalability. In essence, as your teams grow, the space is accommodating to growing teams. With shared space, you can begin a project with a team of two, and as your team grows, the space is like a natural fit in that the most demanding thing you will need to do is find a few more chairs for newcomers.

Promotional Space

If you want to host events, these spaces are perfect to accommodate businesses that want to promote their venture within the space. For those who have finished their collaborative projects and want to introduce that project to the space and larger community, it is possible to do so in the shared office plan. Just as managers host conferences and networking events, your team has the capability of introducing your project to the community in the space where it was developed. Better yet, you might be able to reserve space in the coworking space at a much cheaper rate than had you tried to launch the event at some other venue.


Another great advantage of the coworking/shared space plan is that it provides a platform for team building. Diverse professions contribute to the space making it a hotbed of talent waiting to be tapped into, and when professionals find each other, it makes for many possibilities. However, because collaboration is so rampant in the space, professionals can potentially move among more than one team in the space. The shared space plan maximizes the opportunities for professionals to participate in a number of teams.

A Team Building Foundation

Through design, the shared space provides professionals with a place to function in a number of formats. The flexible space is one that can accommodate both small and large teams. Furthermore, shared space not only accommodates spaces of sizes, but it also provides the platform for joining multiple teams.


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