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5 Ways for Managers to Prepare for the Future of Work

Frank Connolly, Director of Communications and Research and Senior Editor of MindEde, shares five steps managers can take to help prepare their ... Source link...

Gavin Newsom's Future of Work, and Ours

Earlier this month, Newsom, now Governor of California, announced a “Future of Work” Commission, to continue to analyze these dynamics on the ... Source link...

Digital weight lifting could be the future of working out

The new workout machine that's like having a personal trainer with you every step of the way. It's called Tonal and it's a...

Facial Recognition Fears and Rihanna + LVMH

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir debate the pros and cons associated with the increased use of facial recognition technology and whether San Francisco’s ban...

How Great Nursing Improves Doctors’ Performance

Hospitals with better nursing programs perform better overall. Source link قالب وردپرس

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