More “Coworking Spaces” Coming to Rochester


“Collider Prime” opened on Fourth Street SW in 2016 and since then, membership has grown to 70 people.

However, manager Jamie Sundsbak says one question he always gets asked is, “do you have private offices?”

Well, now they do. 

Sundsbak says they are leasing another building a few blocks away (on Third Street SW). It’s been named “Collider 424”.

“We have offices that range from about 200 square feet all the way up to this room, which is about 432 square feet,” he said, gesturing to the conference room. “As some of these businesses that have been with Collider start to grow, they really do need that privacy.”

Offices are already filling up. With Collider 424 being located on Mayo Clinic’s campus, Sundsbak hopes to attract new tenants. He believes as the city grows, so will the need for more workspaces.

AJ Montpetit is Collider’s first member. He says he doesn’t plan on working anywhere else.

“I do everything from web design to video production to graphic design,” he said. “What’s great is sometimes when I need to, I can tap someone on the shoulder right behind me to maybe peek at some code that I might not be familiar with.”

Montpetit says working in a collaborative space has opened doors. “I was able to shoot video for Microsoft while the Super Bowl was up in the Twin Cities, through connections that were made here in Collider.”

Whether looking for a shared workspace or a private office …

“Any sort of business can fit in this,” said Sundsbak, “and that’s what we want to do.”

Collider 424 is set to open in the coming weeks.

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