SOHO’s multilocation coworking space in Gzira

Malta’s expanding labour market has brought with it yet more demand for office space that can cater for the demands of virtual businesses and start-ups seeking professional surroundings with all amenities.

But it was only recently that the burgeoning demand for office space sparked pioneers SOHO to expand from their St Julian’s base to Gzira’s Savoy Gardens, where the new SOHO Office Hotel will now open on 1 May, 2019.

Part of SOHO’s multi-location strategy for a central office within walking distance of a large residential area, the Office Hotel will offer high-end office space over 1,100 square metres, with garden and street window frontage. What’s more, all SOHO members will be granted full mobility within these locations, allowing them to host meetings in various locations and have access to all the facilities.

Gzira is fast becoming yet another centre for business in Malta, neighbouring Sliema’s residential and commercial heart, and serving as a mid-point towards the capital city Valletta.

SOHO Malta describe the choice of Gzira’s Savoy Gardens as a strategic decision that has allowed the company to be present all around the island. “Today we can offer a top, comfortable and ideal business environment, with eco-friendly offices, fully equipped kitchen area, shower, meeting rooms, a high technology board room and fresh-air ventilation system and AC. This is how a future office should serve clients. The offices are on the ground- and first-floor levels with reception desk. There is also 800sqm parking available as well as lock-up storage facilities,” co-founder and owner Kris J. Peterson says.

SOHO’s biggest attraction is its membership scheme and multi-location strategy.

“Our multi-location vision enabled all SOHO members to have full mobility within the locations once any of the other office is open around Malta. This means they will be able to host meetings in various locations and have access to all the facilities like meeting rooms, common area and like that SOHO members will be able to host meetings in various locations,” Kris says.

Various membership plans have been launched to cater for SOHO’s different clients and companies of all sizes. Its corporate package offers private, dedicated lockable offices of up to 500 sqm, fully-furnished and tailor-made to a company’s needs. From then on, the range of membership plans include the fully-furnished private office, starting from just 9sqm; the virtual office, which grants members a registered office address with mail service; the dedicated desks, allocated to an individual’s exclusive daily workspace; the hot desks – where members take whichever co-working space is available for the day; and even a day desk: “If anyone is flying to Malta for business, we’ll have a space ready for them to plug in and work in our office. All these office solutions are flexible to suit any company’s prospective growth needs,” co-founder and owner Michael S. Pedersen says.

And it goes even further: SOHO is launching relocation advice for companies looking to move their business to Malta. “We will offer them help from the sunny side and help with arrangements and advice needed to make their transition a smooth move,” Michael says. He even wants to build a community space for guest speakers’ events and workshops.

“What you have to understand is that being part of the SOHO community is not just about sharing a working environment; it’s about creating business partnerships and lasting friendships. There is a hefty social network and camaraderie within the SOHO community, and we know this is why we are expanding. SOHO Social Buzz is alive! We have unforgettable seasonal parties and plan a whole lot more for the future, like hosting guest speakers and more,” Kris says.

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SOHO Savoy Gardens – Savoy Gardens, Rue D’Argens, Gzira – GZR 1551

SOHO Office Hotel – Edge Water Business Complex, Elia Zammit Street St Julian’s – STJ 3150


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