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Coworking space at Endeavor in Greenville.

Over the past decade, there’s been a rapid increase in the popularity of coworking spaces nationwide. This growth is fitting, considering the freelance job market is growing at three times the rate of the traditional one, according to a study by Upwork and the Freelancers Union. But freelancers aren’t the only ones using coworking space.

Who Uses Coworking Space?

If you think the typical cowork member is someone with a laptop tucked underneath an arm, you’d be mistaken. Data collected by the Global Workforce Alliance show that solo freelancers make up only 20 percent of the cowork market. Startups and small businesses account for nearly half of those using coworking spaces, making up 47 percent of tenants. 

Coworking space at Endeavor in Greenville.
How Startups Benefit from Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer several benefits attracting startups and small companies, including affordability, scalability, and access to talent.

Coworking Spaces are Affordable

Built around a sharing economy, one of the most obvious advantages of coworking spaces is price. The monthly rent is typically cheaper than traditional office space, and there’s no commitment to a multiyear lease.

Sharing amenities with other companies also reduces the cost to individual businesses. With jointly used common areas, conference rooms, phone booths, and kitchens, startups have access to what they need without having to shoulder the cost themselves. With the money that startups save, they can dedicate more resources to marketing or hiring.

Coworking Spaces Make Scalability Simple

The flexibility to quickly scale up or down as the need for space changes makes coworking spaces valuable to startups. Many coworking spaces offer options such as day passes for shared tables, cubicles, and dedicated offices for multiple team members. With no long-term commitment required, startups are free to grow or cut back as needed. This flexibility is essential when cash flow isn’t yet consistent or when demand takes off and team members need to be hired.

Coworking Spaces Offer Access to Talent

Coworking spaces attract all types of talent — developers, designers, writers, videographers, project managers, marketing specialists, and more. When startups are ready to hire contractors or traditional employees, they may find their ideal team members at a desk a few yards away. In fact, many coworking spaces offer after-hours networking opportunities. Coworking spaces create a natural environment for startups to get to know people with the skills they’ll need as they grow.

Coworking Spaces in Greenville

Greenville is a hub of innovation and startup growth. With an expanding economy and access to resources like NEXT, Greenville is a great place to start a company. The city has several coworking spaces that startups call home, including Openworks, Endeavor, The Wheelhouse, and Atlas Local

Each of the city’s coworking spaces offers unique perks. Locations include the heart of downtown with expansive views of the city, a historic mill in West Greenville, and an industrial-vibe space next to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Whether you want to offer your startup team access to a fitness center, discounted memberships to a yoga studio, free coffee, a vibrant social calendar, or educational workshops, you can find the ideal combination of perks at one of Greenville’s coworking spaces — at a fraction of the cost required if you were offering these amenities on your own.

By Keith Shields


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