How to Stay Focused Working in the Coworking


A lot of people work from home for plenty justifiable reasons. Many work from home because of a lot of reasons such as cutting cost, effectiveness in production and many others. Coworking is the best option for anyone just starting a business, many big firms started via coworking and still practice it because of the numerous benefits it offers. So, coworking is really a good one and even from home makes it better.

Nevertheless, there are many distractions if one is working from home. These distractions include:

a.    Picking up a call from clients or even from family members.

b.    A temptation of having a nap during the midday rather than working.

c.    Delivery of a service.

d.    The need to vacuum clean an office which you have not done in two months and many more.

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There are ways this can be prevented so as to avoid being distracted at home. During my work at the office space Vancouver, I taught six ways to avoid distractions and get to work instead.

1.    Create an assigned space or mental area for work – working from home brings the difficulty of separating your home area from work life. Although, the best is to probably work totally away from home since you will stay more motivated and effectively produce more that way. This does not mean that working from home cannot yield a similar result. You can create a work area which will allow you to focus more on your task. It is more appropriate it is a location with less distraction in the whole house, maybe a locked inner room or a carved area in the yard. This will prevent you from legit distractions like picking the home phone or a slip into the kitchen.

2.    Get a serene atmosphere – there is less distraction and more concentration when the environment is quiet. It makes you focus more on the time and finish it on time. No little chit chat or complaints about what is not right. A working space is a more professional approach. However, you can connect and whisper in a coworking space with colleagues, it is not a library, you can rest your back and be relaxed.

3.    Interruptions are reduced and limited – no one except for a very important reason will walk up to a coworking area and interrupt you. Working at home is made a lot easier because you are as occupied as another person at home and can focus on work. You do not need to be the one attending to the pizza delivery boy or the plumber.

4.    An extra coffee or tea – considering the fact that you are at home means there is always room for more coffee or an extra cup of tea. This means caffeine will be available conveniently. If you are not a consumer of dairy, almond milk is available easily for you. This implies that you will spend no time trying to brew your own coffee or even spend cash to get another cup of coffee.

5.    Having a sense of community – a coworking space shows that there are other members as colleagues in the space. This does not mean you walk in and talk with them, no, but there is this sense of belonging you have when you get in. You will have this feeling that you are out at work seeing your people around. You will enjoy the workflow and even have other events you can take advantage of. You can even give yourself a break to recharge.

6.    Comfortable arrangements – one of the most place of comfort is home. A lot of people like their bedroom because of the bed in it, it gives much comfort. This might not be good for anyone who wants to work from home. There is a yard in that home that you can set up to be a workspace. Since it is home, you can substantially arrange or design it to be comfortable enough and yet, suitable enough for work.


So many times we want to do some things like having maximum comfort while one is able to work also. It is not hard at all. Your yard is a good space for a work area, just set the place in order and move on with work.

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