Bali-based coworking spaces Hubud, Dojo Bali merge


Hubud coworking space in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Steve Munroe and Renee Martyna, co-founder and co-owner of Indonesia-based coworking space Hubud, today announced that the company has merged with fellow Bali-based coworking space Dojo Bali.

In a statement, Munroe and Martyna said that they will “step out” of active management with Dojo Bali founder Michael Craig to have full executive control of the business.

Craig will also hold leadership role and is now the majority owner of the company.

Following their move to London, Munroe said that the co-founders will continue to participate as strategic advisors, brand ambassadors and “other roles” from their new base in the city.

The statement also named March 1 as the handover date.

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Following the merge, prices of services at Hubud will also be brought down to adjust with Dojo Bali’s. Members of Ubud-based Hubud will also be able to use the facilities and services at Canggu-based Dojo “seamlessly.”

“We are working on harmonising programs and hospitality offerings to leverage the best of both companies and both locations,” Munroe and Martyna announced.

The co-founders explained that there are two main reasons why they decided to merge with Dojo Bali: Shared values and sense of community.

“We share an understanding of the heart of coworking: the power it has to change lives; amplify group success and generally make people feel connected to their purpose and the community around them. We have also both been active proponents of ‘cogiving’ as a way to create rich connections between our members and the communities we are part of in Bali,” they wrote.

The two coworking spaces had previously worked together on events such as Startup Weekend and the Cogiving Hackathon.

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