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Thanks to the development of technology and flexible use of social media, it is not necessary for people to sit down at their office cubicles to get their ... Source link قالب وردپرس
Les Espaces de coworking ou espaces de « travail partagé » sont réputés pour stimuler les échanges et la créativité des salariés. En France, ils poussent ... source
La forma como la gente trabaja está cambiando. El equilibro entre el trabajo y la vida personal, la forma de ser creativos, de innovar está haciendo de los ... source
Dalam edisi DStour kali ini DailySocial mengunjungi salah satu coworking space yang terletak di kawasan Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Rework. Terletak di lantai ... source
Documental realizado para la asignatura "Realización en Cine y Vídeo" por alumnos de la Escuela de Imagen y Sonido Curva Polar. Documental centrado en ... source
With more than 10000 coworking spaces around the globe, there is no denying the movement is here to stay and that it continues to redefine the way we work. source
A day in the life of the Oficio coworking space at 30 Newbury Street in Boston, MA captured through time lapse photography. Hundreds of freelancers and ... source
Check out my new coworking office space in the WeWork in Long Beach! If you take a tour at your local WeWork, feel free to mention my name! :) Find out more ... source
Co-Founder of https://www.coworker.com, Leanne Beesley, was a speaker at the eOffice Coworking Conference (part of London Tech Week) in London in June ... source