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The first of two reports from a Victoria University of Wellington co-hosted conference on the future of work. The future belongs to Levin Public Library. Source link قالب وردپرس
John Hagel, Deloitte, is giving an updated talk on the Future of Work. He has been given other talk on this subject. John says all of the companies and ... Source link قالب وردپرس
This first-ever, independent and comprehensive assessment of how automation will affect the future of work in the transport industry focuses on ... Source link قالب وردپرس
The event generates discussions on innovation and best practices to manage the future of work while learning how Kronos workforce management ... Source link قالب وردپرس
This webcast explores how "human skills" like leadership, communication and problem solving manifest in the labor market, and the role of a liberal ... Source link قالب وردپرس
In their book 'The Talent Revolution, Longevity and the future of work,' the pair analyze the role of demographics in the workplace as people live ... Source link قالب وردپرس
Digital Workplaces: Trends Shaping The Future Of Work. Prateek Garg. Community. 15 Jul'18 7 min read. Share story. 79. SHARES. Source link قالب وردپرس
Who better to ask about the future of work in tech, and what we can do to prepare youngsters, than parents who themselves work in that area. A new ... Source link قالب وردپرس
One of the words we hear the most frequently when talking about the future of work is 'automation'. Automation will transform how we work in a myriad ... Source link قالب وردپرس
William Kerr is co-director of Harvard Business School's 'Managing the Future of Work' initiative. To provide a concrete example of the impact ... Source link قالب وردپرس