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The New Wave of Commercial Real Estate: Embracing the Flexible Leasing Model

In the ever-evolving landscape of the commercial real estate industry, a term that has been gaining substantial traction is “flexible leasing model.” Traditional office models are increasingly shifting towards a ...
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Powered by Your Corporation: A Revolutionary Approach to Corporate Real Estate

In the shifting landscape of work, companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways to optimize their real estate commitments. At, we’ve developed a unique solution that not only addresses this ...
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The Future of Coworking

Embracing Partnerships for Innovative Project Development

Advantages of Mixed-Use/Multifamily Coworking Spaces for Tenants and Developers

By offering coworking spaces as an residential amenity, developers can attract new tenants and offer a valuable service that can increase rent prices.
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Revitalizing Vacant Space: Benefits of Converting Office Buildings to Shared Workspace Models

Office building owners are recognizing the benefits of converting their underutilized spaces into shared workspace models.
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Redesigning Hybrid HQs: A Flexible Access Model Borrowed from Coworking, Without the Rent Model

The coworking-style office, aimed at hybrid headquarters, has a flexible access and allocation model like coworking, but without the rent-based business model.
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Step 1: Concept and Strategy Alignment

At, we believe that in order to turn your coworking space into a successful business, it's important to start with a solid foundation. That's why our first step is to work with you to co-create alignment on the concept vision and mission, values and purpose, key stakeholders, and the component parts of the total workplace environment. Watch the video to learn more.
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