10 co-working hotspots in Southeast Asia


Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular as these not only offer you a chance to network and save money, but forge beneficial partnerships too.

By Anika Nale

Gone are the days when sitting chained to a desk from 9 to 6 equalled maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Today, the importance of collaborating and networking has actively spread throughout the corporate world, so much so that it’s common for start-ups, SMEs and even MNCs to congregate in one co-working space. In Southeast Asia alone, hundreds of such spaces have sprouted up.

So when travelling, you need not stick to formal meetings with potential clients and investors. Instead, you can opt for a co-working space and meet other entrepreneurs with different business ventures. Not only can you network and save money in co-working spaces, you can also forge partnerships.

Let’s take a tour around Southeast Asia and discover the various co-working hotspots in the cities (and even beaches):

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Start Saigon

Start Saigon is the first co-working space founded here. Attracting tech startups and other top entrepreneurial talents, there’s lots of synergistic opportunities that can arise from being a member of this space.

With 24/7 access, fibre-optic internet and private conference call booths, Start Saigon is definitely the place to be, especially for late-night overseas conference calls with your team.

Known for its excellent community events, this space even has an on-site pool as a leisure option for days when you’re particular stressed.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: DreamPlex

This space hosted former US President Barrack Obama in 2016. Obama gave it the thumbs-up, praising it as a great place for entrepreneurs to work together and support each other.

Although it can get crowded at times, the opportunities for partnerships and widening your network is endless. Their speedy internet connection, aesthetic design, and excellent infrastructure is definitely an advantage.

But wait! There are even comfy sofas you can nap on and free beer.

Bangkok, Thailand: The Hive

Located in the Sukhumvit district, there’s a lively energy surrounding this co-working space. Plus, a good blend of expats and locals that make the community inside feel dynamic too.

Whether you’re a developer, journalist, or a creative freelancer, you’ll surely make beneficial connections for your business here. The Hive’s large sun terrace also makes it an excellent place to have laidback chats with clients.

The most relaxing way to unwind after a long day is to utilise your membership to get 50% off on the spa downstairs for a relaxing Thai massage.

Koh Phangan Island, Thailand: BEACHUB

Far from the city, situated in Koh Phangan Island is BeacHub, the ultimate in exotic co-working spaces. With a surfer-vibe, ocean breeze and organic gourmet food, working feels as relaxing as a vacation here.

With a private white-sand beach at your disposal, imagine finishing your day’s work with watching the sun set on the horizon. BeacHub is as much a spiritual space as it is a working one.

Siem Reap, Cambodia: AngkorHUB

This space offers excellent value for money, a good community, and excellent working facilities.

If you’ve ever been to Siem Reap, you’d know that power outages affect the city fairly often. Fortunately, AngkorHUB offers a backup power generator, 4G internet, and 24/7 access to ensure you’ll never be left without a place to work.

Here’s to making friends with, and working alongside other top entrepreneurs. And if you need a break, enjoy some alone time in their green garden amongst coconut and banana trees.

Singapore, Singapore: The Working Capitol

Although Singapore was ranked the most expensive city to live in for the fifth consecutive year back in 2017, it was also dubbed a global trading hub.

People of all nationalities flock to this little red dot as it is a hotspot for all industries; be it Fintech or human resource management. Countless of hopeful entrepreneurs find themselves starting their companies in Singapore where investors are always looking for the next big thing.

This space blends design, community and a healthy lifestyle, offering yoga, meditation, and even Muay Thai kickboxing. It has the right mix of professional services, programmes, and inspiring space designed for multiple modes of working.

Manila, Philippines: Acceler8 Coworking

Located in the heart of the Makati City, Manila, this creative space is meant to be a hub that fosters entrepreneurs and professionals in the capital and offers one flexible packages for virtual offices, private offices, event spaces and meeting rooms.

It is additionally equipped with private phone booths, audiovisual equipment, lockers, courier service, and passports to lounge and conference rooms.

Jakarta, Indonesia: Greenhouse at the penthouse

Greenhouse is located on the 25th floor of Multivision Tower in Kuningan, Jakarta, right in the heart of the city’s golden triangle. Its strategic location makes business meetings or remote working that much easier as you can avoid nasty traffic and simply focus on the work at hand while enjoying the view of Jakarta city from above.

You can also get barista-brewed coffee while immersed in futuristically-decorated spaced with more than 200 live plants.

It is also a community hub for many enterprises and startups in Jakarta, and all members get automatic invites to Greenhouse’s exclusive events, as well as free classes and workshops.

Bali, Indonesia: Hubud

From relaxing shores, surfers’ waves and a buzzing nightlife – Bali is a paradise for people of all ages.

If you find yourself in Bali for work, Hubud is where you’ll find the fastest internet connection as well as an assortment of micro-environments that foster both socialising and solitude, besides a cohort of ambitious remote workers.

Located in Ubud (hence, the name), Hubud also offers co-living packages that include accommodation, rental scooters, airport pickup, and unlimited co-working space membership.

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